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Slide NG-15 - Up SpX-22 - Return Your School
≈ 62 Miles
Edge of Space
≈ 250 Miles
ISS Orbit
ExoLab-8: Achieve root nodulation of legumes in microgravity Learn more • Individually-packaged kit for home or classroom use
• Premium content and NGSS-aligned lessons
• Weekly mission videos (pre-record and/or live)
• Easy-to-use Magnitude Platform LMS
For the first time, red clover will be grown on the International Space Station. Join us for this authentic scientific research experience for only $10 per person.

The mission of Magnitude.io is to cultivate generations of brilliant scientists, engineers, and leaders through stellar STEM experiences igniting curiosity, inquiry, and ingenuity. With project-based learning, K-12 students engage in NGSS-aligned lessons and authentic research through CanSat atmospheric investigations, ExoLab life sciences experiments aboard the International Space Station, and capstone high altitude balloon and rocketry programs.

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