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Through a network of science laboratories in your schools, science centers, libraries, and museums, students can join others around the world in a live mission aboard the International Space Station.

Online curriculum developed for K-12 guides you through the supplemental 6-week program investigating how plants change in a microgravity environment.

Now is the time to prepare and plan for this affordable mission to space. ExoLab-11 has a new launch date scheduled in September 2024 aboard SpaceX-31 cargo resupply. Learn more about this mission and sign up for one of our upcoming free webinars.



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Magnitude Lecture Series

The mission of is to cultivate the next generation of brilliant scientists, engineers, and leaders through stellar STEM experiences igniting curiosity, inquiry, and ingenuity. With project-based learning, K-12 students engage in NGSS-aligned lessons and authentic research through ExoLab life sciences experiments aboard the International Space Station.

From "K to Gray", can develop a bespoke interplanetary experience for your country, state, or district. Schedule time with us to discuss how we might help foster capabilities and skills for the next generation on Earth and Beyond for deployment in 2024/25. View some of our projects.