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At School or At Home

Our ExoLab Principal Investigators would love for you to join this extraordinary experiment on the International Space Station. Sign up to our live person’s office hours to learn more about the ExoLab-8 project and how it is designed for at home or in the classroom.

ExoLab-8 is an NGSS-aligned plant science experiment and year-long program for K-12 classrooms to practice scientific inquiry, experimental design, and data science through the experience of growing a legume plant in an internet-enabled growth chamber (ExoLab) in their classroom and in microgravity on the International Space Station.

Students will practice growing their legumes on Earth between August-December of 2020, the legume will then be launched into orbit and grow on the International Space Station for 30 days in February 2021, and in March-May 2021 students will be invited to participate in post-flight genetic and data analysis.

This novel event-based approach to classroom learning will position your students at the forefront of scientific research, discovering insights in real-time alongside our team of Principal Investigators and scientists. The ExoLab-8 program can be conducted remotely, in the classroom, or through a distributed education of blended or hybrid learning styles to fit your teaching needs.