A Weekend of Makers

Maker Faire is back!

Before the pandemic Magnitude.io had been able to bring space experiences to Maker Faire in both the SF Bay Area and New York. It was so great to see old friends and make new ones at the Mare Island Maker Faire. The Magnitude team spent this last weekend with a few of our space friends sharing the past, present, and future of space exploration centered on the International Space Station.


We introduced the upcoming ExoLab-11 mission and soon to be published bilingual workbook/coloring book which has been funded by the ISS National Lab. People of all ages that came by created small seed germination studies, and hundreds of visitors learned about the challenges of food security – both here on Earth, and beyond.



Liam Kennedy, the inventor of ISS Above was a cornerstone of the experience with live streaming of Earth from the ISS, a huge backdrop of the interior of the ISS for selfies, and host to Virgin Galactic astronaut and astronomy educator, Ron Rosano.




Brittany Welborn from STEMfinity provided a creative space for young and old to imagine what a future in space might look like, and our friends Bryan Murphy, Chen Deng, and Craig Stanton shared their engineering passion project: ISS Mimic – an open source scale model of the International Space Station connected to its live telemetry – taking home a Blue Ribbon Editor’s Choice Award.



I was also very lucky to have both my sons with us to share our collective imagined world of tomorrow. While the Maker Faire is over for this year, you can still do cool things in space!

Join any of our free introductory webinars to the ExoLab-11 mission which is scheduled in March 2024 aboard SpaceX-30.





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