CanSat PD at Sierra High in Manteca Unified School District

Steve Unterholzner, the Science teacher of Sierra High School, decided to run an experiment to see at what altitude the alcohol will freeze or boil due to the changes in temperature and pressure. The 2nd year of CanSat Professional Development for Manteca Unified School District was joined by Kim Merrill, Kristen Messer, Hortencia Garcia, Robert Choate, Tim Dotterer, Troy Merrill, Kevin Kahler, Sherri Ries-Knight, Mahion Lott, and James Wright. The payload landed on top of a 120 feet tree deep in the El Dorado Forest west of Lake Tahoe. The payload, telemetry data, and video were finally recovered on the 3rd attempt by a professional arborist.

Looking forward to the next experiment Steve wants to run.


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