Come visit us this weekend at Open Sauce 2024!

Come join us at Open Sauce! Open Sauce is a celebration Of Makers And Creators at a two-day event in San Francisco at Cow Palace June 15 & 16. Explore interactive exhibits, get an up-close look at maker technology, attend talks, panels, and small workshops with top creators from YouTube. We’ve been invited to join our friends Bryan Murphy and Brittany Wellborn from ISS MIMIC  along with Liam Kennedy of ISS Above.

ISS MIMIC is a 1:100 scale articulating model of the International Space Station that runs off of live data streaming from the real ISS.

ISS Above is an electronic device with informational screens and live views of Earth that brings the Space Station to your TV.

In addition to some awesome networking, we’ll be sharing our ExoLab open source plans, our 11th (and 12th!) missions to the Interntional Space Station and eagerly chatting about NASA TOPS, open source science!

If you miss us this weekend, both the folks from ISS MIMIC and ISS Above will join us on June 28th @ Noon Pacific Time for the next in our Magnitude Lecture Series. Sign up here, if you haven’t already:

From "K to Gray", can develop a bespoke interplanetary experience for your country, state, or district. Schedule time with us to discuss how we might help foster capabilities and skills for the next generation on Earth and Beyond for deployment in 2024/25. View some of our projects.

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