High Altitude Balloon at the Boy Scouts National Jamboree

On July 25th, 2017, team Magnitude.io had an incredible experience launching a high altitude balloon at the National Boy Scouts Jamboree. The Mt. Diablo Silverado Venture Scouts began learning how to capture atmospheric conditions with the sensors on the CanSat a few months before the event through a series of lectures and engineering challenges. This included weather modeling, flight path predictions, and arranging for FAA flight approval by filing a Notice to Airmen.

Everyone in the National Jamboree was courteous, engaging, and curious while learning from each other. The event was organized and clean.  A model city popped up through tents and camps as far as you could see. Kudos to the Boy Scouts leadership. Imagine having this entire camp on the Moon, they can colonize the Moon and build a city in record speed!

Maybe Mars is next!

See the photos below and the video at the bottom of the page.

What an amazing experience!

Drew Glassford, Director – Strategic Initiatives and Greg Johnson, the President of CASIS
Venture Scouts introduce how they read the CanSat real-time data on Chromebook.
A Venture Scout is making her calculation prior to calling FAA.
Implementing the design of the balloon payload.
Big fans of the astronaut, Gregory Johnson, President and Executive Director of CASIS
Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist of NASA and Greg Johnson, President of CASIS came out to support and speak about how important STEM education is for our next generation leaders.
Hard at work!
Final prep launch check procedure.
A great view of the Jamboree campground from the balloon.
A higher view of the Jamboree campground.
A bird-eyes view of the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virgina.
The view of our earth at 92,000 ft.
Check out these VIPs. Mike LoPresti, National Foundation Innovation Fund Founder, Dr. Caroline Gochoco-Tauyuki, Diablo Silverado Scout Council and Trisha Crookes, Director of i-innovate, South Africa.
Our radio tracker showing the location of our payload.
Scouts are learning the functions of our CanSat.
Monitoring where the balloon was heading.
Thousands of Boy Scouts from across the US and other countries as well.
A sea of tents, this is only one small section of the entire camp site.

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  1. Hi Team! Looks like you did a fantastic job!

    I’m leading a team here in Warrnambool, Australia, we are planning on launching a Scout HAB in early 2018, and with a plan to make a HAB launch as part of AJ2019 (Australian Jamboree).

    I’m particularly interested in any resources you could provide, in regards to the teaching and learning aspects of the HAB event. Did you have any lesson plans, or resources in that regard?

    If you can contact me, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    Assistant Group Leader, Warrnambool Tooram Scouts, Australia

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