July 23 Lecture: Plants For Space w/ Dr. Frazer Thorpe

Plants provide humans with oxygen, food, shelter, medicine, and countless other resources essential for our survival and well-being. Crop growth during NASA missions is essential to provide fresh foods for crew members while providing oxygen, medicine, and a close tie to earth. Growing plants in microgravity and on the moon facilitates biological science while lifting spirits and helping to maintain well-being.
Come join us July 23rd @ 4:00 pm Pacific for the next Magnitude lecture: Plants For Space
As we round out our lecture series for the summer, we are excited to have esteemed Australian colleague Dr. Frazer Thorpe join us to discuss the critical role plants have here on Earth and beyond. We will also share the latest on the ExoLab-11 mission scheduled for September aboard SpaceX-31.
Dr. Thorpe leads a team to provide the national education and engagement program of the P4S partners (5 Australian universities, space enablers (NASA, ASA, ESA, UKSA, and vertical farming companies) where they share P4S research stories about re-imagining farming off world and farming sustainability on Earth, providing the food, materials and medicines through optimizing conditions, plant research, automated farming, and synthetic biology.
For a truly fun and engaging K-12 program this school year, you’ll want to join us!

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