Look Back: Year 6

Receiving the 2018 Innovation Award in STEM Education (L to R: Tony So, Ted Tagami, Kareem Shaik)

The 2018-2019 year was the beginning of expanded international growth for Magnitude. We kicked the fiscal year off in San Francisco that July receiving an Innovation Award in STEM education at the ISS R&D conference. August had us joining a NASA contingent to Puerto Rico for university outreach. A partnership was launched in Germany with CodeDoor, and our South African NGO partner i-Innovate continued to reach underserved communities.

Along the way we picked up 3 Editor’s Choice Awards at 3 major Maker Faire events (2 in the SFBay, and one in NY). Collaborations with the US Department of Education for the CubeSat Challenge, and multiple High Altitude Balloonlaunches across the country (California, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, and Texas!) kept us busy between ExoLab missions.


ExoLab-5 launched in December 2018 aboard SpaceX-16 as part of our microgreens series. Amaranth, Extra dwarf Pak Choy, Purslane, and Wasabi (Amaranthus, B. rapa, P. oleracea, E. japonicum). Pak Choy (send from left) thrived while the others had a difficult time acclimating to the stresses of spaceflight.

What microgreens should we fly on a future mission?


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