Magnitude introduces VR experience Starborn Academy with Uplift Aerospace

Uplift Aerospace (Symbol: NRPI) has selected as an outreach partner to bring Virtual Reality (VR) to schools across the United States and beyond. This collaboration marks a new era of immersive STEM learning and significant expansion of Uplift’s Starborn Academy into strategic global markets, including a main focus on California school districts. The new virtual reality program, Starborn Academy, is an immersive nine-week virtual reality (VR) education program that has been designed to elevate critical thinking and performance in STEM subjects among students.

One unique value the Uplift Aerospace program brings to learning institutions is the option to rent MetaQuest 3 headsets if they are unsure of a capital purchase or have not already invested in VR technology. Ask us how you can bring this transdisciplinary experience to your students!



From "K to Gray", can develop a bespoke interplanetary experience for your country, state, or district. Schedule time with us to discuss how we might help foster capabilities and skills for the next generation on Earth and Beyond for deployment in 2024/25. View some of our projects.

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