So Fun Scholarship 2024 [Look Back: Year 10]

In honor of our co-founder, I am pleased to announce the 2024 So Fun Scholarship will open on 21 June.  Last year we had applicants from 6 countries, with awardees across 3 age groups.

The scholarship program is in memory of the inspirational work of education leader and co-founder of, Tony Fun Tong So whose middle name was literally “Fun.” Three $500-awards will be granted this year.

Awards will be given, one for each age category of applicants: ages 13-15, ages 16-18, and ages 19-21. To apply applicants will need write a 1000-word proposal that describes what you wish to explore, protect, or invent. Students need to explain why it matters.

Look Back: 2022-2023

ExoLab-10 was the primary focus of the year with the Berkeley National Lab and Joint Genome Institute collaboration. Although the flight specimens did not meet expectations, this mission enabled us to extend engagement with two key partners, Powerhouse Museum and the United Nations Opportunities for Youth in Africa program.

Our ride for ExoLab-10 was aboard SpaceX-26. A few slipped launch dates had me missing the rocket as I was over the Pacific on the way to Australia. Although I missed the actual launch, we were able to meet up with a some of our favorite educators to celebrate being part of the program and discussing future possibilities. In addition to our US colleagues, we had friends from Canada, German, and Senegal join us too! We definitely need to add more beach gatherings to future meetings.


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