Tommie Ebanez at Thornton Jr High launched the CanSat High Altitude Balloon

“Ever since I heard about, I was incredibly excited to push this type of project in my own classroom. Fast forward 4 years when we were finally able to put that into reality when we launched our first weather balloon on March 29th, 2018. With the help of Ted, Tony, and Kareem I was able to guide my students in developing an environmental sensor. Initially, we tested for CO2 but in the following year we were able to add Co and Particulates as well. I was incredibly overjoyed watching my students release that weather balloon and we were so incredibly excited when it flew beyond our line of sight. The data/footage we obtained was incredible and could not have been done without We at Thornton Junior High School are thankful for all the support and know this is just the first of many launches to come.”

Tommie Ebanez
Middle School Science Teacher
Technology Coordinator
Thornton Jr. High School


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