Tupperware, PONDS with NASA on Magnitude LIVE

Wow, we all learned so much from David Kusuma, VP Research & Development of Tupperware Brands. Tupperware isn’t just a company that makes plastic containers for storage. Tupperware is solving perishable food challenges through design, engineering, and science both here on Earth and in the extreme conditions of space.

David shared the history, behind-the-scene stories, and challenges creating a product on the International Space Station with the education and research community, Magnitude LIVE, an online learning community for educators, scientists, researchers, and geeks.

Tupperware has built upon the original NASA concept PONDS, (Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System) to look at geometry, materials, and industrialization possibilities. Tupperware’s interest is Green Kitchens of the Future. This is a great article on the NASA website that describes the purpose of the PONDS project, Tupperware Takes to Space to Help Improve Astronaut Diets.

The Tupperware Nano Nature Water Filtration System is amazing. “When the water filter system is this high performance, it takes out the bad stuff and it also takes out the good stuff too.” Listen to what they do to counter this issue.

Thank you, David.

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