Which team are you on for the Leguminaut Challenge?

We are staying positive in this difficult time and doing what we have control of, learning and educate together on what we should research on our next flight in Space.

Today, March 27th, 2020, all the ExoLab pi and co-pi (Principal Investigators) presented why we should choose their legume in the next ExoLab-8 experiment on the International Space Station in October 2020 aboard the SpX-21. It was quite a fun, lively, energetic, creative, and competitive presentation. So proud of all the team leads, Michael Wilkinson (New York), Dianea Phillips (Canada), Gil Cauthorn (Japan), Renée Gamba (Rhode Island), Steve Jones (Atlanta), Lauren Parker (Texas), and Mary Vaughn (Florida). This is a good demonstration of Science without borders!

OK. Which legume team will you pick? These team-leads pi(s) are ready for you. Sign up for free and join us. More information on the Leguminaut Challenge.

See their full presentation…

They are absolutely beautiful and passionate about their legume! But they need your help.

Special VIP guest: Liz Warren, ISS National Lab

Supported by ISS National Laboratory

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