World Space Week Day 5 with – Germany and Sri Lanka

While our ExoLab missions exist in orbit 400 km above the planet, we study how to improve life here on Earth. This occurs in many different ways around the world, but it most often starts with teachers. Many partners have been with us for several years already. The unique partners we introduce today are CodeDoor with the Media Center for schools (M@US) in the Gießen-Vogelsberg region in Germany and Dreamspace Academy, a non-profit social enterprise organization based in Kallady Sri Lanka.


The non-profit CodeDoor started as a private initiative in 2015 formed during the refugee crisis in Europe that saw millions of people displaced, in particular youth to develop employable technical skills. Today, CodeDoor provides AI supported web applications to empower learners how to acquire useful skills for careers in the technical world. With CodeDoor’s support, ExoLab is available in the Mittelhessen region of Germany.

Led by the head of the Gießen-Vogelsberg Media Center (M@US), Jochen Leeder and his team provide media education, integration and development to all schools in the Gießen-Vogelsberg region. The Media Center creates the conditions and framework conditions that enable the sensible and effective use of digital teaching and learning media in particular in the lessons of all subjects and school types. M@US provides technology and support to all schools in the region with the understanding that pedagogy determines the use of media in the classroom instead of technology.

Teachers start the ExoLab project in Mittelhessen Germany

With the support of CodeDoor, schools in the ExoLab program in Germany have included Alexander von Humboldt School Aßlar, Alexander von Humboldt Schule Lauterbach, Dietrich Bonhoeffer Schule LichGesamtschule Gießen-Ost, Johanneum Gymnasium Herborn, and Wilhelm Knapp School Weilburg.

Sri Lanka

Guardians of the Space Lab receive ExoLab

Three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka caused a massive impact on the socio-economy and the environment. International aid provided significant support, but imported solutions couldn’t sustainably solve fundamental local problems

Dreamspace Academy was created to empower locals to solve our own complex challenges with a mission to achieve sustainable development goals through education, innovation and entrepreneurship by empowering underserved communities, protecting environmental ecosystems, fostering economic initiatives and facilitating peace building.

With 11 challenge-based learning labs, Dreamspace Academy has added ExoLab to their space lab. With the recent agricultural challenges in Sri Lanka, we are grateful to be part of their investigations! Join Germany, Sri Lanka, and other countries from around the world in our next mission to the International Space Station – just a few weeks left before we close the rocket ship doors!

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