introduced Cansat program at California STEM Symposium 2014 - introduced Cansat program at California STEM Symposium 2014

We spent the last 2 days with about 3000 educators at the California STEM Symposium in San Diego. The common goal to inspire students to go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is evident. We were excited to introduce our Cansat program and our partnership with Intel in such a great venue. Super thanks to Sunny Washington (CEO) and Tiffany Powell of Ardusat came all the way out from Utah to present Ardusat program and the ASE Space Explorer Challenge at the conference. We also debuted the MultiLab of Space Tango, today students and scientists now have a chance to run their biological experiments on International Space Station (ISS) in micro-gravity at a much lower cost. The feedback from all the teachers and administrators are WOW, this is very cool, let’s work together to get these into the classrooms and let’s find the funds to make it happen. Some said I want to be a kid again! booth
Sunny Washington and Tiffany Powell of Ardusat are in action introducing the Ardusat program.
Thomas Suarez, the technology entrepreneur, hung out with us at our booth.
Thomas Suarez, the technology entrepreneur and the TED speaker, hung out with us at our booth and created the 2nd version schematics for our Jiggy in just a few minutes.
Sunny Washington and Ardusat
2 young students from the L.A. school district stopped by to learn about Cubesat.
Intel rocket
The Intel red rocket was a great draw.
Professor Bob Twiggs and Tony So
On our way to dinner with Professor Bob Twiggs on the iconic pedestrian bridge.
Bill Nye: A man with a Mission
Bill Nye spoke about the importance of learning about space through entertaining and exciting experiences.
Thank you for all the hard work to power the curiosity. Super thanks to Ted for driving all the gears down to San Diego and back.

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