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Girls in STEM – Janelle Wellons at JPL

Janelle Wellons of Jet Propulsion Lab would like to use her story to inspire other young women to go for their dream with perseverance. We met Janelle Wellons, a recent MIT graduate, at the Engaging Girls in STEM event organized by Anthony Quan of the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Her smile, her positive attitude, and her story touched us and she became one of our advisors. Her mission is to engage and inspire more women to… introduced Cansat program at California STEM Symposium 2014 introduced Cansat program at California STEM Symposium 2014

We spent the last 2 days with about 3000 educators at the California STEM Symposium in San Diego. The common goal to inspire students to go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is evident. We were excited to introduce our Cansat program and our partnership with Intel in such a great venue. Super thanks to Sunny Washington (CEO) and Tiffany Powell of Ardusat came all the way out from Utah to present Ardusat program and the ASE Space…