Citizen Science -

Welcome citizen scientists! No matter your age or location, you are invited to join the ExoLab-8 mission and be part of an authentic biology research experiment on the International Space Station.

ExoLab Growth Lab

The dimensions of the ExoLab device both terrestrially and in-orbit are based on the common CubeSat specification, which standardizes satellite payloads in an approximate 10 cm cuboid format. ExoLab is in a 2U format, which means that its dimensions are 10 x 10 x 22 cm, approximately.

Within this compact frame are a series of sensors to capture, record, and report data, including images, as well as system to keep the test organisms alive. All of these operate autonomously and continuously.

  • Luminosity
  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Camera
  • WiFi

The ExoLab-8 mission will investigate how the stress of spaceflight affects the symbiotic relationship of red clover and nitrogen-fixing Rhizobia bacteria.

Whether you are a K-12 homeschool student, undergraduate, or life-long learner who loves plants, you will have access to videos, content, and self-guided lessons throughout the mission. Additionally, you will grow plants at home as part of the ground control experiment and compare growth in microgravity vs. the 1G environment of Earth. During flight operations, you will receive data and images through the Magnitude platform.

Red clover will be grown on the ISS for the first time. Join us for this groundbreaking research working toward food crop production for long duration missions and food sustainability on Earth.

Slide ExoLab-8 Experiment Timeline

Working alongside the US National Laboratory aboard the ISS, the award-winning ExoLab investigates phenomena in an applied mission context. Whether we look to make life better here on Earth or to building a greenhouse on the surface of the moon or even Mars in the years ahead, Magnitude’s ExoLab creates a unique and memorable experience for people of all ages.

Citizen Science Experiment Options

Option 1: With your own ExoLab, you can select specific experiment settings and collect data unique to your ground trials to compare with the experiment on the ISS. Combine the ExoLab ($399) and Teacher Advanced Supply Kit ($49) for a premium research experience that includes all experiment hardware, supplies, and mission content.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can participate with a Ticket to Space kit for $10. You will have access to the ExoLab images and data from one of the ground stations located in California, New York, or Florida while it’s paired to the experiment on the ISS. Your kit will include the basic supplies to conduct the experiment at home as well as have access to the mission content on the Magnitude platform.

All users will also enjoy access to the online video updates (pre-recorded and live) that will be broadcast throughout the mission.

With only one month left before we launch, you must act today! Place your order now to ensure that your supplies arrive before the mission starts. Visit the Magnitude shop to purchase your ExoLab and/or supply kit. To learn more about the mission or arrange for a free Live Demo session, please visit ExoLab-8.