ExoLab 2: Journey to the International Space Station

On 11/7/2017:

ExoLab was turned over to NASA on T-4 days.

Sunday, 11/12/2017:

ExoLab was launched into orbit (after a one day delay) aboard a Cygnus Spacecraft. Powered by an Antares rocket, it reached speeds of more than 27,000 kph to begin to synchronize its orbit with the International Space Station.

Tuesday, 11/14/2017:

About 36 hours after launch, Cygnus is grappled by Canadarm2, a robotic arm controlled by the astronauts.

Early Wednesday 11/15/2017, Astronaut Joseph Acaba, a former school teacher, installed our payload. At 9:16 am PST, ExoLab boots up and began to transmit data to the ground.

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