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Slide Michael Wilkinson introduces the ExoLab-8: Root nodulation of legumes in microgravity.

Slide keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right ExoLab-8 Experiment Interactive Timeline Pre-Flight Curriculum Self-paced Summer PD Post-Flight Curriculum ExoLab on ISS • Students engage in Pre-flight lessons
• Run ground trails
• Experiment protocols
• Launch preparation
• Professional l development
• Review lesson contents
• Science of plants and phenomena
• Conduct and design a experiment

NG-15 ⬆︎ SpX-22 ⬇︎ Start Experiment • Lab Research on flight specimens
• Data science and analysis
• Students presentation
• Certificate of completion


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ExoLab-8 is an NGSS-aligned plant science experiment and year-long program for K-12 classrooms to practice scientific inquiry, experimental design, and data science through the experience of growing a legume plant in an internet-enabled growth chamber (ExoLab) in their classroom and in microgravity on the International Space Station.

Students will practice growing their legumes on Earth between August-December of 2020, the legume will then be launched into orbit and grow on the International Space Station for 30 days in February 2021, and in March-May 2021 students will be invited to participate in post-flight genetic and data analysis.

This novel event-based approach to classroom learning will position your students at the forefront of scientific research, discovering insights in real-time alongside our team of Principal Investigators and scientists. The ExoLab-8 program can be conducted remotely, in the classroom, or through a distributed education of blended or hybrid learning styles to fit your teaching needs.

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Summer Professional Development

This year, the ExoLab program will include a self-paced Professional Development course to get your classroom ready to integrate ExoLab-8 into the 2020-21 school year.

We empathize and understand that classrooms may look unconventional this semester, so we will be leading teachers through practical applications of blended learning models, from best practices for a remote science lab to impactful socially distanced hands-on activities.

Included in enrollment, our grade-level advisors will be available throughout the length of the course for regular live sessions to support your specific classroom needs.

In addition, teachers will

  • Be prepared to use ExoLab-8 to supplement their curriculum throughout the 2020-21 school year.
  • Gain comfort with the Magnitude platform, the lesson content, the ExoLab device, the experiment, the science, and conditions of microgravity on the International Space Station.
  • Gain confidence in their ability to modify, create, assign, and deliver impactful experiment-based lessons about the ExoLab-8 experiment.
  • Gain proficiency in pedagogical practices and science practices such as science protocols, experimental design, data collection, data analysis.
  • Be empowered to design and participate in holistic science experiments.
  • Acquire skills to evaluate student science experiments.

Slide Access to the LIVE experiment on the
International Space Station
Monitor and make your observation hour by hour Your Virtual Classroom in Orbit Magnitude Virtual LMS This diagram is not an actual representation of our schools coverage. ExoLab Access to curriculum mapped to States standards Hands-on ground trails experiment activities
at home or in classroom
Connected to other students around the world The ExoLab Platform

ExoLab-8 Curriculum

Our extensive NGSS-aligned Curriculum Library within the Magnitude Classroom follows the 5E instructional framework, and is intended to support your students throughout the year as they progress through the ExoLab-8 mission.

Pre-flight Trials

For Fall 2020 (August-December), our ExoLab-8 curriculum will offer extensive opportunities for your students to participate in grade-appropriate plant growth experiments. Whether they are in the classroom or at home, your students will choose between nine different legume plants, learn what critical elements are needed for life, and explore the biology, chemistry, and environmental science often buried inside soil: the symbiotic relationship between legume plant roots and the nitrogen-fixing bacteria, Rhizobium. In a successful experiment, this relationship will produce visible nodules attached to the roots which play a critical role in the nitrogen cycle.

On Orbit Experience

In February 2021, one of the nine possible legume seeds will be sent to grow for 30 days in microgravity, caught in the Earth’s orbit aboard the International Space Station. Through the Magnitude Classroom, students will have near real-time imagery of the growing seedlings and can observe how microgravity impedes or improves plant growth, and if the nodulation that occurs on Earth through the symbiotic legume-rhizobium relationship can be replicated in space.

Post-flight Analysis

In Spring 2021 (March-May), when the space-grown legume plants have returned to Earth, students will have the opportunity to examine research-grade genetic lab analyses to identify any novel gene expressions that may have changed in the plant due to the stresses of microgravity. Using student-friendly technology, students will have the opportunity to manipulate and visualize their data, explain their research, and practice designing future follow up experiments. At the end of the program, classrooms will receive an ExoLab-8 mission patch as recognition for their completion of the mission.


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What is included?

  ExoLab-8 Project
Experiment SuppliesX
Platform Access (Complete ExoLab Lessons)X
Platform Access (Connected to the ISS Live)X
Time Commitment1 school year
Live Weekly ConferenceX
Ground TrialsX
Professional DevelopmentX
Launch Watch Party: ExoLab-8 • Feb 2021X
Post Analysis: RNA SequencingX
Co-Investigator AcknowledgmentX
ExoLab-8 Completion CertificateX
ExoLab-8 Flight PatchX
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