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ExoLab in Hillsborough County, Florida

We, the Magnitude team, work hard every day to create the most extraordinary learning experience and connect students from around the world to run authentic research in Space together. It is already nice and encouraging to receive a Letter of Recommendation from teachers we work with.

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend the Magnitude.io ExoLab as a tool to enhance Science engagement in the classroom. I have been using ExoLab in my classroom for about a year and I have been truly taken by surprise with how all of my middle school students interacted with the lab.

My students took copious notes on their observations of the cowpea plant growth on Earth as well as on the station. Note-taking is not something that all of my students had been excited about previously in my class without scaffolding the lesson and giving gentle reminders on how to take observations of their experiment. The students truly looked forward to their turn with having their team selected to view the ExoLab each day while the rest of the class viewed the ground truth and microgravity images projected at the front of the room. Even as the pandemic changed classroom instruction my students still inquired about the ExoLab and had a deep discussion on how the plants were doing while viewing online.

Many times Science leads to competitions where only a few students get to win for their project. With ExoLab, all students have the opportunity to feel success. In this platform students are working together as a team to set up the experiment, take detailed qualitative and quantitative notes, and lead authentic discussions to truly work together as a community of scientists.

I do not hesitate to recommend the ExoLab for classroom use as students are highly engaged in this authentic science tool being used on and off the Earth.


Mary Vaughn

Teacher of Gifted Earth and Space Science
Randall Middle School
NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador
Space Station Ambassador
Space Educator Expedition Crew Houston

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