ExoLab: Plant growth on International Space Station

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting limited reservations for the 2017 ExoLab program aboard the ISS.

The first experiment is a plant biology investigation with Arabidopsis thaliana, a mustard plant used in many science investigations with a genome that is fully mapped.

Designed with curriculum for 6th – 12th grade based on the new Next Generation Science Standards, students will grow their own A. thaliana in a specialized classroom growth chamber concurrent with a plant growing aboard the ISS. With live data coming from the station, students will compare and contrast various environmental conditions and the effects of gravity on living things.

The experiment start date is planned to begin in October 2017. Professional development dates for teachers are being planned in late spring, summer, and autumn before school begins.



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Signup to the LIVE Google Hangout 12/14/16, 3pm-4pm PST

Sign up for the free Q&A sessions with the CEO of Magnitude.io, Ted Tagami, on Google Hangout introducing and answering questions about ExoLab, a plant growth experiment on International Space Station in Space. The agenda will cover the idea, the plant, the process, the lessons, schedule and NGSS mapping.


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