Investigate the effects of microgravity on living things

ExoLab is a network of science laboratories that connect Schools, Science Centers, Libraries, and Museums around the world to a live mission aboard the International Space Station. Just like the payload that goes to the ISS, your ExoLab is just 10cm x 10cm x 20cm. Lessons and mission progress are tracked in an easy to use Learning Management System over the 6-week program.

For our 11th mission to space, we will study the model organism Medicago truncatula (barrel medic or barrel clover). M. truncatula provides valuable insights into legume biology, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, and plant genetics. Its experimental advantages and practical applications make it an excellent model organism for research in plant biology and agriculture. Research institutions such as Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Joint Genome Institute help us determine how this environment alters plant physiology.

ExoLabIn your ExoLab, we track and measure different conditions, such as how hot or cold it is (temperature), how wet or dry it is (humidity), how much light there is (lux level), and how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is present. There is a camera in the lab that takes a picture every hour. The images from this camera and the data from these measurements are then shown together. You can compare the information from your lab to other labs all over the world, as well as the microgravity experiment that’s happening up in space on the ISS.

Post flight research is supported by research institutions such as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Joint Genome Institute. Join us for ExoLab-11 where we collectively investigate the model legume Medicago truncatula.

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ExoLab #DateResupply MissionExperiment
11SEP 2024SpX-31Medicago truncatula
10NOV 2022SpX-26M. sativa, M. truncatula; R. leguminosarum
9AUG 2021SpX-23Trifolium pratense; R. leguminosarum
8FEB 2021NG-15 / Crew-1Trifolium pratense; R. leguminosarum
7FEB 2020
NG-13 / SpX-20
Vigna unguiculata; R. leguminosarum
6JUL 2019SpX-18Azotobacter, Rhizobia leguminosarum
5DEC 2018SpX-16Amaranthus, B. rapa, P. oleracea, E. japonicum
4JUL 2018SpX-15Amaranthus, B. rapa, P. oleracea, B. vulgaris
3APR 2018SpX-14A. thaliana
2OCT 2017OA-8 / Spx-13A. thaliana
1FEB 2017SpX-10Arabidopsis thaliana

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