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Your school district has a unique opportunity to ignite a spark of scientific curiosity and wonder in the minds of 5th grade students in preparation for the California Science Test CAST. We are excited to announce that world class educator Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education Australia will bring his live physics show to Northern California this February and March 2024.

Most slots are already filled for this trip, but Ben would love to share more about this program for your 2024-25 planning in a series of succinct 20-minute executive lunch time webinars or an after school brief.

We cordially invite you to learn more about these live 1-hour programs for your primary schools. Specially tailored for 5th-grade students, these live events are a gateway to a world where education meets excitement, and learning is an adventure.

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From "K to Gray", can develop a bespoke interplanetary experience for your country, state, or district. Schedule time with us to discuss how we might help foster capabilities and skills for the next generation on Earth and Beyond for deployment in 2024/25. View some of our projects.