Intel Edison Cansat Launched in Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Launching a rocket, or putting something in orbit requires a balance of power, weight and mass. As a first stage to Low Earth Orbit, demonstrates Intel Edison as a mission capable controller with real time telemetry and video.

Electronics continue to shrink. When you put a satellite in a soda can you get a Cansat. Cansats have been around since 1999 and are used in high school and university STEM education programs around the world. They are launched in a rocket to altitudes over 10,000 feet. Some sounding rockets achieve altitudes over 19 miles in space!

It took us 6 weeks to build this prototype. This project was very similar to the hackathons we’ve been involved with Intel @ the University level. With this platform as a start, what could you do in 48 hours?

We want to make it better. Add different sensors. Change the way people see the world. Come join us for our Magnitude Hackathon coming soon!


CanSat built with Intel Edison booth at the IDF

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