Manteca Rocket Launch Day 2018 -

Manteca Rocket Launch Day 2018

Now in its fourth year, Manteca Unified School District, completed its fourth Rocket Day! Good call by the President of Lunar Rocket Club, David Raimondi, on picking the date to launch despite concern on weather condition. From dense fog at sunrise, the sky cleared by 9:30 and it turned out to be a gorgeous and sunny day with almost no wind.

Students come to Snow Ranch once a year to launch and test their CanSat in high power rockets. Throughout the year, students sharpen their soldering skills, assemble their CanSats, and use them to better understand the world around them. With the data captured from the rocket flights, students can analyze the data and support their pre-flight hypothesis of rocket behavior and atmospheric conditions. Flyers from the club use their ARLISS rockets to send CanSats more than a mile into the sky in less than a minute.

We believe having students experience this type of super cool activity is important! They are more appreciative and understanding in the application of science, engineering, and math.

Manteca Unified School District has been on the forefront of introducing engaging and memorable STEM experiences to their students. With Lodi Unified launching next month, and Stockton joining using the fall, the group of STEM teachers that are “flight ready” is growing!

We see a lot of new faces this year. We hope we have sparked extraordinary interest in the STEM fields in these young minds.

Thank you Lunar Rocket Club and their Rocketeers for making the day possible for the middle school students in Manteca to experience and learn the science of rocketry before high school.

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