ExoLab-11 Program License


Join the complete mission to the International Space Station scheduled for March 2024 aboard SpaceX-30 cargo resupply. Come join us and collaborate with teachers, exhibit curators, and outreach specialists around the world! The program includes online professional development, K-12 lessons, ground trials, realtime connection to the ISS during the mission, and post flight participation in research findings.

Along with your Program License, you will need an ExoLab to join the next mission if you don’t already have one.

Research Candidate: Medicago truncatula

Medicago truncatula, commonly known as barrel medic, is a model legume species that is widely used in plant biology research for various reasons. These reasons include genetic simplicity, rapid life cycle, nodulation, disease resistance, available genetic tools and resources, relevance to agriculture, collaborative research, and other scientific applications. Follow this link to learn more about M. truncatula.

Research Goals 

Successfully quantify the growth of Medicago truncatula in measured conditions; seek to identify novel gene expressions that may have changed due to the stresses of microgravity; continue to grow an active community of any age interested in astrobotany!

When we bring hundreds of collaborators together for a mission we are able to dramatically reduce cost and increase reach (yes, several orders of Magnitude!) to an authentic research mission in space. The program license is required for any sized group up to 32 participants. Multiple licenses are required for larger groups.

The ExoLab-11 Program License Includes

1Program license, including boarding pass for up to 32 participants
1gM. truncatula Jemalong A17 with phytosanitary certification
2gbag of agar powder
50Serenity ExoLab mission stickers

ExoLab Curriculum

Our NGSS-inspired Curriculum Library within the Magnitude Classroom follows the 5E instructional framework, and is intended to support your students as they progress through the ExoLab mission.

Pre-flight Trials

Our ExoLab curriculum offers opportunities for citizen researchers to participate in grade-appropriate plant growth experiments. Participants will learn what critical elements are needed for life, and explore biology, chemistry, and environmental science in the domain of Low Earth Orbit.

On Orbit Experience

In March 2024, M. truncatula Jemalong A17 seeds will be sent to grow for approximately 30 days in microgravity aboard the International Space Station. Through the Magnitude Classroom, participants will have near real-time imagery of the growing seedlings that can be compared with your experiment on Earth, and other participants around the world. Weekly LIVE video sessions provide an update from the mission, where we often have VIP guests, and students sharing their insights. Past missions have included astronauts and science researchers specific to the investigation.

For Classroom Teachers 

We appreciate all that you do! We will enable you to be mission ready with our supplemental curriculum, where you will gain comfort with the Magnitude platform, the lesson content, the ExoLab device, the experiment, the science, and conditions of microgravity on the International Space Station.

You will gain confidence in your ability to modify, create, assign, and deliver impactful experiment-based lessons about the ExoLab-11 experiment; gain proficiency in pedagogical practices and science practices such as science protocols, experimental design, data collection, and data analysis; and be empowered to design and participate in an authentic science experiment in space.

Have a question? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us.


Need more stickers? A pack of stickers is already included in your Program License.
In partnership with https://astrobotany.com, we introduce the mission patch for ExoLab-11.
Art by astrobotany researcher Gil Cauthorn.

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