ExoLab bundle with ISS Above


ExoLab is an experimental platform that brings together classrooms and the International Space Station in a collaborative investigation of the effects of microgravity on living things. Designed with a curriculum based on the Science Standards,

The ISS-ABOVE is a single-board computer with a program that calculates where the International Space Station is at all times. Hooked it up to a TV and it displays screens with information that shows you where the ISS is and when you can see it in your skies. ExoLab Growth Chamber

  • ExoLab
  • ISS Above + HDMI cable + Remote
  • 1 Experiment Supply Kit
  • 1-year classroom subscription to the learning management platform with lessons mapped to NGSS
  • Access to the live orbital experiment on ISS
  • (TV monitor is not included)


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Inspiring your student to the epic scale!

With this bundle, you save $100!

While your students are running their ExoLab experiment with the International Space Station, they will be notified when the International Space Station flying by above their schools. Live high resolution video captured from the International Space Station will be displayed on the monitor. This is going to give your students a complete experience running an experiment in Space.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 6 in
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