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ExoLab is a small terrestrial lab (10cm x 10 cm x 22cm) used in classrooms, libraries, science centers, and museums networked to a live experiment aboard the International Space Station. Along with the required Mission License, the ExoLab (or similarly approved equipment), is required to join ExoLab missions.

ExoLab connects to your local Wi-Fi as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device that records spatial and temporal data of your experiment. Together, your ExoLab is part of a larger network of science laboratories around the world! Sensors include CO2, temperature, humidity, luminosity, and a 5 MP 1080p wide-angle digital camera.

Along with your ExoLab, you will need a Program License to join the next mission. Your ExoLab also comes with the following starting equipment:

230 x 200 mm Borosilicate test tubes
2Polypropylene tube caps
1Mult-functional rack set
1Micropore tape
1Stainless steel forceps
1AIRI* Bio-Imaging Spectrum Calibration Sticker (ASOP-0006 Ver. 2)
15V 5A US Power supply

The first 25 orders for the ExoLab-11 mission will receive a free Magnitude Digital Precision Gram Scale (0.01g, 500g).

Limited Inventory!

Magnitude Digital Precision Gram Scale

AIRI logo*AIRI The Astrobotany International Research Initiative (AIRI) is an open source astrobotany research platform that seeks to support ongoing space plant biology research through an interactive, collaborative space. AIRI aims to engage researchers, academics, citizen scientists, university students, and K-12 educators and students in authentic astrobiology research that is aligned with, and supports, ongoing astrobotany research at space agencies and research organizations around the world. This program has been developed in collaboration with postdoctoral researchers at NASA Kennedy Space, and the University of Madison Wisconsin’s Gilroy Lab.

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