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ExoLab: Investigations in Astrobotany (no lab)


ExoLab: Investigations in Astrobotany (No Lab Package)

A virtual class for elementary and middle school students using ExoLab-8, a mission on the International Space Station, from the comfort of your own home!

Class Size: max of 15 students per cohort
Subject/Course Level: 3rd – 8th Grade

Instructor: Michael Wilkinson

1-year Subscription of the LMS$26
ISS Flight Ticket For ExoLab-8$50
Experiment Kit$49
Homeschool Course Fee$375
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A virtual high school science class using ExoLab-8, a mission on the International Space Station, from the comfort of your own home!

  • Conduct authentic research with hands-on science
  • Small class sizes, personalized to student needs and interests
  • Inquiry-based pedagogy, project-based learning
  • Taught by an award-winning science teacher
  • Take as a homeschool science class or STEM extracurricular
  • Integrates well with local learning pods

About the Course

With a legume plant as the primary phenomenon, this semester-long, project-based learning course will engage students in authentic scientific research. Using inquiry-based methods, students will use their direct observations and background research to develop their hypotheses and carry out experimental research. Students will present their findings at the end of the semester through a virtual symposium. 

Students may also have the opportunity to interact with guest experts in space exploration and astrobotany as schedules allow. While the main investigations will utilize the ExoLab research platform, students will engage in other hands-on activities that build their inquiry skills and deepen their conceptual understanding. Students will be enrolled in an online learning platform, the Magnitude.io Classroom, for lesson content, with live interactive sessions held via GoogleMeet.

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