Get the ExoLab-10: Carbon Farmer learning experience, Mission Classroom Kit, and Student Boarding Passes. All new lessons for K-12 and weekly Magnitude LIVE sessions during mission operations. One Mission Classroom Kit serves 30 students.

Each student must have a Student Boarding Pass to participate in the ExoLab-10 mission.

ExoLab Growth Lab

ExoLab-10 Mission Classroom Kit

ExoLab-10 Student Boarding Pass

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In this inquiry-based investigation, students will design an experiment to capture the most carbon by growing the largest alfalfa plants, a versatile forage and legume crop known for high edible biomass production, carbon sequestration, soil rejuvenation, and potential for biofuel.

ExoLab Growth Lab

The dimensions of the ExoLab device both terrestrially and in-orbit are based on the common CubeSat specification, which standardizes satellite payloads in an approximate 10 cm cuboid format. ExoLab is in a 2U format, which means that its dimensions are approximately 10 x 10 x 22 cm.

Within this compact frame are a series of sensors to capture, record, and report data, including images, as well as system to keep the test organisms alive. All of these operate autonomously and continuously.

  • Luminosity
  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Camera
  • WiFi

Your ExoLab includes:

2each38 x 200 mm Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes
1setMulti-functional rack stand
1rollMicropore Surgical Tape
1eachStainless Steel Forceps
1each100-240v AC 60/60 Hz Power supply

ExoLab-10 Mission Classroom Kit

The mission kit is designed for a classroom of 30 students.

1bagOrganic, non-GMO Alfalfa Seeds
1bagRhizobia inoculum
1bagAgar powder
1kitSoil test kit (pH, NPK)
1bagOrganic potting soil (US only)
30eachScientific ruler (6 in.)
30each3ml disposable Pipette
1eachwoven ExoLab-10 mission patch
30eachExoLab-10 Mission Stickers
30each50 mL Sterile Centrifuge Tubes with Cap, Graduated
3eachMicro scoop
1each600g (+/- 0.01g) scale
1boxNitrile gloves (~ 100 count)

ExoLab-10 Student Boarding Pass

Required for each student participant. The ExoLab-10 Boarding Pass enables student access to lesson plans, LIVE events, and on-orbit operations of ExoLab-10: Carbon Farmer.

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