Rainbow Run, the winner of Intel GDC Wearable Games Hackathon

Magnitude.io is very proud to be part of the Intel GDC Wearable Games Hackathon in San Francisco TechShop this week. The winner, Rainbow Run,  is being showcased at the Games Developer Conference. Students from UC Berkeley had 3 days to complete their wearable games using Intel Galileo and DrumPants sensors. It is incredible to see students in computer science and electrical engineering come together to solve problems and to build their games.
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Rainbow Run is a game that puts a twist on the mobile runner genre. We extended the concept of games such as Temple Run, and Rail Dash—where the character runs, jumps, and slides in response to a smartphone’s touch-tilt motions—to allow an augmented, and further immersive experience. Normally the player only interacts with the game by swiping or tilting the screen of their phone. In this game, we have augmented reality by mapping these controls to the physical motions of the player. For example, to make the avatar jump, the player would actually jump. We’ve implemented these features utilizing a duo of sensors. DrumPants’ force sensors were attached to the soles of players serves to detect if the player is standing, running, jumping or being idle. We used an accelerometer mounted on the Galileo inside of backpack worn by the player to detect left and right turning motion. Together they work for an interesting spark to a well known game.

imgres-1Intel Hackathon crew
Alexis Liu, Tom Murphy, Paul Steinberg


Rainbow Run
Fazil Azhar, Everardo Barriga, James Liao, Joshua Mak, Mobin Skara,  Alvin Wong.

Tyler Freeman, Lei Yu

Tony So, Ted Tagami

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