STEAM to TEAMS: Drawing an ExoLab

“Drawing is just probably the quickest and easiest way that we currently have to visualize our ideas. So that is why it’s such an important part of the process to make sure that we are communicating what we actually want to see.” — Kylie Burrett

Students can practice their creative and modeling skills with this art and design lesson, courtesy of Design Nuts founders and Splat creators Glenn Lawrence and Kylie Burrett, who are joint collaborators for the Australian Virtual Astronaut (AVA) challenge.

In this session, Glenn and Kylie demonstrate how to draw an ExoLab as a source of practice and inspiration. During the AVA challenge, students are designing hardware for growing plants in space. While considering the form, function, and detail of their designs, this STEAM engagement activity shows how missions to space require varied skills across disciplines.

Looking ahead to the future space economy, those with graphic arts, drawing, 3D printing, and CAD modeling skills will excel in space flight hardware design and architecture. Collaboration and strengths across disciplines will be a requirement for working and living in space, which is why have changed STEAM to TEAMS.

Students in the AVA challenge are starting their careers early, and with mentors like Glenn and Kylie, one of our ExoLab mission participants may one day design the first greenhouse on Mars. Let’s start drawing the future together.



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