So Fun Scholarship
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Congratulations to Abigail Hoover, the So Fun Scholarship recipient for 2023.

Abigail Hoover is a graduate student of the Global Innovation Design (MA/MSc) program at the Royal College of Art in conjunction with Imperial College London. Her research and work to date is focused on the exploration of space-based technologies in forwarding social and environmental sustainability on Earth through human-centered and industrial design.

Apart from her studies, Abigail is engaged in multiple initiatives such as the World Design Organizations Young Designer Circle, bringing together young designers from around the world to identify emerging global design best practices and actionable impact towards the UN Sustainable development goals. Abigail organizes and manages several student space based initiatives working with local communities and youth to forward aerospace innovation and education, and is passionate about transdisciplinary collaboration, the female voice, and the impact of young designers on tangible design.

In addition to being a scholarship awardee, we had the good fortune to collaborate with Abigail on astrobotany trends and gaps analysis studying partial gravity investigations. The So Fun scholarship program is in memory of the inspirational work of education leader and co-founder of, Tony Fun Tong So whose middle name was literally “Fun”! Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the 2024 scholarship application process next year. Congratulations Abigail!

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