Welcome Vernier customers, Magnitude.io has created ExoLab using applied sensors (CO2, temperature, humidity, and lux) for active monitoring of biology experiments on the International Space Station. 10% discount ends on 2/19/2021.

ExoLab Growth Lab

The dimensions of the ExoLab device both terrestrially and in-orbit are based on the common CubeSat specification, which standardizes satellite payloads in an approximate 10 cm cuboid format. ExoLab is in a 2U format, which means that its dimensions are 10 x 10 x 22 cm, approximately.

Within this compact frame are a series of sensors to capture, record, and report data, including images, as well as system to keep the test organisms alive. All of these operate autonomously and continuously.

  • Luminosity
  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Camera
  • WiFi

The ExoLab-8 mission will investigate how the stress of spaceflight affects the symbiotic relationship of red clover and nitrogen-fixing Rhizobia bacteria. While the experiment is on the International Space Station, students will conduct ground control experiments to compare plant growth in microgravity vs. the 1G environment.

During flight operations, you will receive data and images in your Magnitude Classroom where lessons have been designed for all grade levels. For less than the cost of a bus ticket on a local field trip, you can bring your students on this out-of-this-world virtual trip over multiple weeks in a supplemental engagement.

Working alongside the US National Laboratory aboard the ISS, the award-winning ExoLab investigates phenomena in an applied mission context. Whether we look to make life better here on Earth, or students have plans to extend their research to the surface of the moon or even Mars, Magnitude’s ExoLab creates a unique and memorable experience beyond the traditional classroom investigation.

The entire experience is run through the Learning Management Platform with lesson plans and integrated data visualization that will include live and pre-recorded video sessions throughout the mission.

Student kits are just $10, and the ExoLab is only $399. Now, in celebration of Vernier’s 40th anniversary, we are excited to provide a unique code to save 10% [Code: VernierInSpace] on student and teacher kits, and even the ExoLab itself.

There is less than a month before we launch. Join this extraordinary experience today. Click here to purchase your ExoLab and kits as well as to arrange your free professional development.  To learn more about the mission, please visit ExoLab-8.