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A visit to Roosevelt!

Last Friday we visited the Roosevelt Middle School in Oakland and met with principal Clifford Hong. Clifford shared his vision on beefing up his STEM elective programs. We are inspired by the remarkable changes underway. The majority of the students are from immigrant families speaking Cantonese, Vietnamese, Español and Arabic. With 4 language-based PTAs, Roosevelt is a great representation of the challenges in a modern urban school.

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Roosevelt Middle School exists to empower every student to build better communities.  We will accomplish this by focusing on three areas: rigorous academics that prepare students for a college-prep level high school curriculum, personal fulfillment so that students feel safe and that they belong, and social responsibility so that students understand that part of being a member of society means that one must work to improve it for others.

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  1. We work to empower all students.
  2. Staff fulfillment leads to their best work.
  3. No excuses. Identify a problem, implement a solution.
  4. Reflect on and share results.
  5. It takes a community to build a community.


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