What’s the Big Idea? Legumes in Space with Ted Tagami

What’s the Big Idea? Destination Imagination Podcasts episodes 11 and 12 with Ted Tagami

Magnitude.io CEO Ted Tagami joins Destination Imagination in a 2-part podcast to discuss how his career brought him to the space space! By leading an aerospace company that conducts experiments on the International Space Station, students from around the world collaborate on authentic astrobotany research through the ExoLab missions. This is learning at the edge of discovery!

Part 1 Legumes in Space

“You want someone to feel something if you’re going to be involved in an experience. And for me, learning meant I needed to remember something. Like, I remember my dad tripping over me in the early morning hours, because I was watching on this black and white TV on this big ol’ console there in the living room because they were going to the moon – and I remember that moment….those moments are seared in our mind.  And if we can create experiences that are memorable like that…you have to create an experience where everyone feels like they’re in tune with it.” – Ted Tagami

Part 1: “This week, guest host Andrew Whitmire chats with Ted Tagami, CEO of Magnitude.io and Education Chair of the User Advisory Committee for the International Space Station US National Lab. Ted walks us through the career path that led him to the “space space” and gives us an inside look at the experiments that will take place through ExoLab-9 on board the International Space Station. Ted also tells us about the science experiences Magnitude.io makes available to classrooms around the world and offers his advice to students who are interested in careers in space.”

Legumes in Space Part 2

“I see some young adults – and it kinda frustrates me a little bit – at top notch universities, that cannot really critically think. They know how to use the tools, and they know how to get direction, but if I say ‘Solve this problem’ and it’s kind of an open ended problem, they’ll basically be asking for a set of instructions. And so that ability to really look and abstract the problem – it’s something we really need to develop very early on.” – Ted Tagami

Part 2: “In our Season 1 finale, guest host Andrew Whitmire finishes his conversation with Ted Tagami from Magnitude.io. Ted tells us about how he uses the four Cs (especially critical thinking!) in his work in the space industry, shares the value of being a lifelong learner , and answers the age old question – does pineapple belong on pizza?!?!” 


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